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IOT based Environment Condition Monitoring System


  • School of Information Technology and Engineering, VIT University, Vellore – 632014, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Electricals and Computers, KTH Technical University, Swedan


Objectives: The Embedded Technology is currently in its primary and the affluence of Knowledge offered is amazing. Embedded System is a permutation of hardware and software. Embedded technology plays a most important role in integrating the variety of functions coupled with it. Methods: This desire to bind up the variety of sources of the Department in a closed loop structure. This proposal significantly reduces the manpower, saves time and operates efficiently without individual interfering. This project puts out the first action in achieving the desired target. With the advent in technology, the existing systems are developed to contain inbuilt intelligence. This system will automatically broadcast the real time surroundings data. Findings: In this project we are going to observe the environment circumstances using the smart sensors in embedded technology, using this project we can analyze the climate and pollution state of our surrounding, using this data we can recover our surroundings from pollution. Applications: The Arduino as the prime controller which uses ATMEGA328 microcontroller, temperature, humidity, gas, sound sensors are used to sense the environment condition and provide the data to the Microcontroller which is used to observe the level and send the data to the cloud server via IOT module.


Arduino, Embedded Technology, Internet of Things, Sensors

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