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Investigation of the Relativity Errors in Global Positioning System


  • Department of Geography, Payame Noor University, Iran


Objectives: To study the relativity errors in global positioning systems which is very important for computing the position of objects in Earth. Methods: In this research paper by using the physics formalism, relativity errors have arisen, and we estimate the extent of the errors. Findings: The results show that in addition to these errors, the need for precise positioning in GPS, dispersion of the chromatic in the ionospheric layer, refraction in the troposphere layer and the effects of Earth’s rotation should be considered. Also, the gravitational frequency changes the relative quantity. Application: According to the GPS applications in military science, agribusiness, and sea investigation, the results of article can enhance the better accuracy of GPS systems.


Gravitational Frequency, Relativity, Satellite, Troposphere Layer, GPS

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