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Analysis of Impact of Differentiated Services (DiffServ) on the Quality of Services (QoS) Parameters of Major Services of Internet


  • Department of Computer Sciences, Government Postgraduate College Burewala, Pakistan
  • Department of Computer Science, University of Agriculture Faisalabad Sub Campus Burewala, Pakistan
  • Comsat Institute of Information Technology Islamabad (Vehari), Pakistan


Objectives: Differentiated Services are implemented by marking in the Internet Protocol (IP) packet header and treat them differently on the basis of the requirements of the services to which a packet belongs. Objective of this study is to determine the impact of Differentiated Services on the different parameters of Quality of Services (QoS) of major services of the Internet. This study aims to investigate the impact of Differentiated Services on Quality of Services (QoS) of different services of internet. Method: In order to determine the impact of the Differentiated Services on the Quality of Services parameters of the different services like Electronic-Mail, web browsing, IP telephony are selected for assessing the impact on Response time, waiting time, end to end delays and jitter. For this purpose, network simulator is used. Findings: It is observed that Differentiated Services is very successful for the implementation of Quality of Services of the Internet for various services of the Internet. It is observed that Differentiated Services has substantial impact on the response time, waiting time, end to end delays, packet delays and jitter. These are the major parameters to measure the Quality of Service of different services of the Internet. Application: This finding would be helpful to design the comprehensive Quality of Services framework in future and would be helpful for appropriate decisions for the researcher and technology development organization to make future Internet services to operate at acceptable level.


Application Response Time, Differentiated Services, Internet Engineering Task Force, Jitter, Quality of Services (QoS), Throughput

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