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Study of Natural Ventilation Parameters on Buildings Inner Air Temperature


  • Centre Developpement des Energies Renouvelables (CDER), Unite de Recherche Appliquee en Energies Renouvelables (URAER), Ghardaia – 47133, Algeria


In this current contribution air temperature computing of different areas composing a given building is carried out. For this reason an ensemble of determinist input factors are used. These factors comprise among others climate, local environment, building characteristics, construction means, occupant's behavior and thermal loads. It has been found that the optimal solution depends strongly upon the ability to optimize building outer envelope, internal load and occupant's behavior. It depends slightly, upon particularity of building design including opening and level of air infiltration. In this article, the internal temperature in a house studied is dependent on the external climatic conditions. The natural ventilation can be optimized by changing the architecture of the building, as well as the conduct of the occupants.


Energy Saving, Occupant’s Behaviour, Temperature, Thermal Load.

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