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A Systematic Survey of Vanet Routing Protocols based on Transmission Strategies


  • Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Sathyabama University, Chennai - 6000119, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Adhiparasakthi Engineering College, Melmaruvathur, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu, India


Vanet is a super class of Manet with some unique features High speed vehicles moving on roads exchange information among them which helps in making a decision that ensures more safety. Since the vehicles move in high speed the link between any two vehicles exists for only few seconds so within that time period the information transfer has to take place. This could be possible only when the design of routing protocol is reliable and efficient. Communication of information is done in three ways. Point to point routing deals with one source to one destination. Multicasting deals with one source to group of destination and broadcasting deals with one source to all destinations in the network. Challenges are different for different types of routing; depending on the applications the routing pattern is going to be different. This paper discusses about these three types of routing and issues and challenges involved in each of this routing is analyzed. The pros and cons of different routing are discussed which would help in designing a protocol for specific applications.


Broadcasting, ITS, Multicasting, Manet, Point to Point, Vanet.

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