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An Analysis of the Persistence of Earthquakes in Indonesia using Rescaled Range


  • Maths Department, Sathyabama University, Chennai – 600119, Tamil Nadu, India


This research paper focuses on the persistence level of earthquakes in and around Indonesia by using Rescaled Range Analysis. In the past, the long-term memories in many natural phenomena like floods, hurricanes, sunspots have been found using Rescaled Range Analysis. The Hurst exponent computed from the Rescaled Range determines the level of persistence. The test sample employed for conducting this analysis was taken from the seismic data of Indonesia for the period from 1943 to 2013 (70 years). The result analysis indicates that there is a fair level of persistence in the occurrences of earthquakes in Indonesia. It also suggests that this time series has long term memory and the intensity and recurrence of earthquakes in this area may increase in the coming years.


Hurst Constant, Periodic, Persistence, Rescaled Range, Time Series.

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