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Injection of Reactive Power for Optimization Power Loss and Voltage Deviation with a Proposed NSGA-II


  • Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Engineering Department, Science and Research, Alborz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Department of Electrical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of


The reactive power distribution affects the security and the economic performance of the power system chiefly. Although the reactive power generation is in does not cost anything in the operation phase, but it affects the whole cost by the system losses. The mentioned problem is a non-linear optimization topic with the combination of continuous and noncontinuous variables. This paper proposes a new innovative method to reach the increase in the power system deviation and transmission loss. In this study, it is tried to reach the most optimum multiple goals by based on multi objective Genetic Algorithm with Pareto optimal non-dominated solutions of OPF problem. In this study had employed the limit accept block until for put variable to the allowable limits. Simulation result shows the effect of proposes algorithm in reducing transmission loss and voltage deviation. A MNSGA-II is presented in this paper to solve the multi objective problems. The main goal is to determine the optimal combination of power outputs for all generating units that optimize the total power loss and voltage deviations while satisfying load demand (active and reactive) and operating constraints. According to results, the ability to jump out of the local optima enhanced and thus the high precision are achieved.


NSGA-II, Optimization, Power Loss, Reactive Power, Voltage Deviation.

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