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Enhanced Power Control Algorithm in Cognitive Radio for Multimedia Communication


  • Department of Telecommunication Engineering and ECE, SRM University, Chennai - 603203, Tamil Nadu, India


Background/Objectives: In underlay cognitive radio network, the power control systems play a major role where the secondary users should not affect the primary users transmission. The interference constraints are not attained by all users as the Signal to Interference Noise Ratio (SINR) of the target requirement is not satisfied in the distributed algorithm for power control. Hence, an algorithm is proposed to reduce the power and to regulate the interference constraints of the primary and secondary users. The SINR also has to be maintained. In the proposed method, the distributed statistical algorithm is used when the interference constraints is not available when all transmitters are in active mode to obtain an efficient solution. Methods: In order to minimize the level of SINR for each link between primary and secondary user, a distributed algorithm for power control is proposed. The traditional power control algorithms are used to maintain the secondary users transmission within specific power levels. The main drawback of the traditional algorithms is that the constraints are not met when all the transmitters are active. Result: A Power minimizing algorithm along with the distributed statistical elimination algorithm, to suppress the transmission of selected number of links when all the nodes are active is proposed. This satisfies the SINR requirement of the secondary links. Application: The proposed elimination algorithm enables the optimized power distribution, hence it is a more practical solution in networks with increased number of secondary users.


Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN), Distributed Stochastic Algorithms (DSA), Distributed Algorithm for Power Control, Interference Constraints, Power Reduction Algorithm

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