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Multivariate Data Analysis to Decide a Facility based Health Centre at Emergency


  • Computer Science and Engineering, SASTRA University, Thanjavur - 613401, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: Many of the mortality cases we see today especially in rural and remote areas are due to lack of proper medical facilities in emergency cases and lack of genuine information about hospital infrastructure and facilities i.e. whether the treatment for particular disease is available in the hospital they choose to go. In order to aid the decision making in choosing the correct hospital, a methodology based on Decision Tree Induction is adopted. Methods: It is based on the recent statistics about staff and infrastructure of hospitals. The core idea of “Decision Tree Induction Methodology” is to provide ranking for the hospitals based on the facilities available in the hospital. The methodology is applied on a set of hospitals in a location. Findings: The medical statistics and ranking plays a key role in the functioning of the methodology adopted. The data about facilities is gathered and fed to a trained paradigm which predicts the rank of a specific hospital. The representatives grasp the information from the GUI built for this methodology. Application: The result can be fed to all the possible medical centers so that public can get correct guidance from the representatives present there.


Classification, Data Mining, Decision Support System, Decision Tree Induction, Health Centre Facility Modeling, Statistical Analysis.

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