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Breast Cancer Detection by T-Shaped Slotted Planner Antenna


  • Department of Electronics, Amity University, Maharajpura, Gwalior - 474020, Madhya Pradesh,, India
  • MITS Gwalior, Near Suncity, Station Road, Gole Ka Mandir, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474005, Madhyapradesh,, India


Background/Objectives: Breast Cancer always a major problem to the world however various methods are available to detect the breast cancer but microwave imaging is a safer method as compared to the X-ray. In this Paper cancer tumour in the breast is detected by the planner antenna. Methods/Statistical Analysis: What method is used to detect Methods to detect the tumour in the breast is to find out the current densities in breast phantom model with and without tumour and result shows that current densities in breast phantom model with tumour is very high. Findings: In the paper firstly the T-Shaped Slotted RMPA (Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna) is designed for ISM band application at 2.45 GHz and resonated at particular frequency by iterations in the simulation software and very low loss is shown on particular exact frequency is 32.2dB, after that The cancer tissues and the RMPA with its center is designed and simulated in the Breast Phantom model. Current density and SAR of this model is calculated which is 1288A/m2 and 3.10*105 respectively and after that Breast Phantom model is designed 50mm away from the RMPA and results shows that current density is reduced about 11times its value is 107.4A/m2 when compared to this model RMPA is present in the center of the breast phantom model, and this is a great achievement as compared to some papers. Application/Improvement: Work in this paper can be used for detection of breast cancer.


Breast Phantom Model, Cancer Tumour, Planner Antenna, Rectenagular Microstrip Patch Antenna

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