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Data Security in Cloud using Multi Modal Biocryptographic Authentication


  • Department of CSE, Vel Tech University, Avadi, Chennai – 600062, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: Higher data security can be achieved by using Multimodal bio cryptographic technique for data encryption and decryption to avoid the intruders to access the data. Methods: Iris and fingerprint are used as a key for both data encryption and decryption in Multimodal biometric based blowfish algorithm. The data stored in cloud environment after encryption. Findings: The problem with storing the data in cloud environment using password system is, it is not secured, forgotten and easily stolen. Hackers can able to trace the password through keystroke loggers and spyware. In multimodel biometric system it is not possible to hack the data by the intruders. For both data decryption and encryption blowfish algorithm is used. Combined biometric of both fingerprint and iris uses as a secret key for a blowfish algorithm. Applications: To run the middleware for connecting the cloud system no need of advanced hardware system. High data security is enough.


Cloud Data Security, Data Decryption, Data Encryption, Fingerprint Recognition, Iris Recognition, Multimodal Biometrics.

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