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Image Steganography using Modified Least Significant Bit


  • Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Irbid National University, Irbid-Jordan, Jordan
  • Faculty of Computer Sciences and Informatics, Amman Arab University, Amman-Jordan, Jordan


Background/Objective: Manipulation of sensitive images is a very important issue in modern transmission and storage. The objective of this study is to achieve the protection by applying a modified steganography method. Findings: The proposed method uses modified Least Significant Bit (LSB) algorithm which depends on segmentations of the secret image bits and distributing it through the odd bytes of the cover image, which in turn must be 16 time the size of the secret image in order to increase the level of protection. Improvements: Experimental results show that the levels of hiding capability using the proposed algorithm are improved.


Image Processing, Least Significant Bit, Segmentation, Steganography.

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