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A Survey on Prioritization of Software Quality Attributes


  • SCOPE, VIT University, Vellore - 632014, Tamil Nadu, India


Objective: The objective of the survey is to understand the need of software quality metrics in providing better software product. Without knowledge about the quality dependencies, conflicts, incurred costs, and technical feasibility it is very difficult to minimize the cost involved in software development. Statistical Analysis: The Quantitative feedback for the prioritization and cost/benefit considerations for quality requirements is highly recommended. The distinction between the utilization of software metrics and software quality confirmation is necessary to quantify the strength software product against vulnerabilities. The prioritization of software quality attributes is demonstrated to influence the software developers for providing the quality software product. The prioritization is established, product and process metrics. Findings: Various distinctive metrics identifying with upkeep are depicted. This will be trailed by brief exchanges about programmed gathering of software metrics information, use of gathered information, and expenses of software metrics. This survey has been formed with remarkably the quality components reasonableness and steady quality likewise, the quality model versatile quality identity a primary need. It is intended for my future investigation eagerness of ensuring nature of programming by means of mechanized data collection of the product quality measurements. Application: The benefits of an instrument, or a gadget set, to be conveyed, will preferably be to manage the bolster costs in a relationship in a more orchestrated and proficient way.


Prioritization, Process Metrics, Product Metrics, Project Metrics, Quality Attributes, Software Quality Metrics.

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