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Voltage Stability Assessment on a Distribution System without Wind Turbine Generators Connected


  • Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Covenant University, Canaanland, Ota, Nigeria


This work investigates the healthiness of the Nigeria distribution grid (the test system) to accommodate the connection of wind turbine generators. The test distribution system is subjected to load-flow analysis; the program was developed in Matlab platform without wind turbine connection. This is necessary to know if the system voltages at each bus remain within specified limits and angle at each bus. The ability of a site to sufficiently accommodate wind generation does not only depend on wind speeds but its ability to interconnect to the existing grid. That is, it is not enough to say that the wind turbines should be connected to the grid just because there are sufficient wind speeds to drive the wind turbine, but the wind turbine generators must be able to connect with the existing grid (which must be healthy enough to accommodate the wind turbine generator).The result shows that the voltage magnitude at each bus is within the specified limit which shows that the network is healthy without wind turbine generators connected. The findings in this research work will give much better insight to potential investors in wind power in Nigeria.


Distribution, Grid, Load-Flow, Nigeria, Voltage Stability, Wind Turbine

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