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Effectuation of Secure Authorized Deduplication in Hybrid Cloud


  • Department of Information Technology, School of Computing Sciences, Vels University, Chennai – 600117, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: Different user can access the same data repeatedly and trying to store it in the memory of the cloud server. Due to this there is a problem of maintaining the storage space and bandwidth. The main purpose of this study is how the data is secured, whether the authorized person is accessing the data or not and finally to check whether same data is repeatedly stored in the memory to avoid duplication of the data. Methods: In deduplication, to guard the confidentiality of sensitive information, it's encrypted/decrypted by the planned convergent coding technique before outsourcing for higher protection of knowledge security. Findings: The convergent encryption method and open authorization protocol and deduplication are combined together and check the data for deduplication in a secured way. The possibilities of using other algorithms are also considered for further implementation.


Authorized Duplicate Check, Confidentiality, Deduplication, Hybrid Cloud, Open Authorization

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