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A New Model for Sample and Hold Unit of ADCs based on CC with High Bandwidth and Low Power Consumption (for Medical Applications)


  • Department of Electrical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Kangavar branch, Kangavar, Iran, Islamic Republic of


Objectives: To present a new design based on CCII to improve ADC parameters. Methods/Analysis: ADCs play a vital role in implementation of electronic circuits. These circuits have different parts for which optimization can reduce power and voltage consumption and increase ADC bandwidth. Findings: The results showed that the suggested circuit could be implemented for certain application, such as medicine. ADC bandwidth reached an optimal level compared to other suggested designs; in the current model, ADC bandwidth was able to improve significantly. Moreover, <1mW power was used; therefore this ADC is suggested for medical applications. Applications/Improvement: Comparing the speed of the suggested design before and after implementation of CCII, the circuit speed was higher at current mode.


ADC, Accuracy, Bandwidth, Current Conveyor, Power Consumption.

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