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Effect of Impingement of Particle Velocity, Temperature on the Erosive Wear Behavior of Jute/E-glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites


  • KL University, Vaddeswaram - 522502, Guntur Dist, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • JBIET, Hyderabad – 500075, Telangana, India


Wear characteristics of jute/E-glass fiber with Al2O3 abrasive beads with air as media and at different impact angles and velocities have been studied. Erosion characteristics of jute/E-glass fiber reinforced polymer composites is experimentally investigated when machined by abrasive jet. Al2O3 abrasive beads of 50 μm are used in combination with air as media. The erosion quotes (ERs) of this composite has been evaluated at special impingent angles (30°, 450 and 60°) and effect velocities (30, 60 and 75 m/s). Put on Tester is used to degree erosion of such machined specimens. As an end result the composite proved to have outstanding anti-erosion houses. Also the affect of impact velocity on erosion charge become found at an indirect impact angle (45°) with 60 m/s at 1000C. The wear rate was anticipated to growth with boom in temperature for a steady particle speed and impingement. The effects confirmed that the wear losses range markedly as a function of the effect angles, and the most wear occurred at particular angles. Maximum put on happens at 30° at 75m/s for existing composites. Composites of jute/E-glass fiber could applications in variety of fields including roofs, window panels etc.


Al203 Abrasive Particle, E-Glass Fiber, Impact Velocity, Impingent Angle, Jute, Wear Rate.

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