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Choreography Sketches as a Representational System of Dance Recording: From M. Petipa to M. Fokine


  • Art Institute of Moscow State University of design and technology and Dance Institute State Academy of Slavic culture, Moscow, Russian Federation


The author of the article considers one of the most important early stages in the creative process in the work of a choreographer regarding choreographic work associated with iconic detent dance. Through analysis of sketchy graphics created by famous masters such as M. Petipa and M. Fokine, creativity, which evolves from one track to another, is analyzed and an attempt is made to identify and articulate those installations that are suitable for staging work of choreographers. Here the main issues dealt with are the typologies and the common features of visual forms and key scheme and the dance records sign system specific to each of the masters are identified. The essence and associated nodal concepts concerning ways to draw in the act of creating choreographic image and the creative vision for Ballet are traced.


Ballet, Ballet Piece, Chronotope, Dance Record, Exposition, Staged Work, Sign System.

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