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Study on Sustainable Hybrid Off-grid Power Supply System for Isolated Sagar Island


  • Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad, Jharkhand - 826 004, India


This paper deals with the feasibility study of Solar-Wind hybrid system of generation of electrical energy for Sagar Island. To study the prospect of a hybrid system of electrical energy generation, a MATLAB/Simulink model of Lanco Solar LSP 250-260M-60 and BWC XL.1 wind turbine based hybrid system has been built and study the feasibility with the help of Solar irradiance, wind speed and load data of a particular location of Sagar Island. The constraint due to the environment, grid-connected electrical energy supplying to the Sagar Island is cost effective and difficult to implement. At the present diesel and kerosene engine is the only option to generate electrical energy and mitigate the electrical load demand of Sagar Island. As the non-renewable source of energy diminishes day by day and it produces harmful Greenhouse Gases during the generation of electricity, researchers have a prime interest in renewable energy sources which does not produce harmful gases during the generation of electricity and save our environment. So far research has been carried out on the Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) system for the electrification of Sagar Island. Electricity generated from only Solar PV array is not reliable and not cost effective because of the availability of the solar energy all the year. Hence, in this paper, an attempt has been made to compensate the electrical energy requirement of Sagar Island through a solar wind hybrid system of power generation with the practical data of Sagar Island, obtain from NASA and Ministry of Non-conventional Energy sources. The analysis shows that the hybrid system of solar and the wind are much more reliable and cost effective compared to single units of SPV system. Beside them, the environmental effect related to Greenhouse Gases (GHG) also estimated and compared with the diesel engine generated electrical energy.


Cost, Environmental Impact, Hybrid, MATLAB/Simulink, Renewable Energy, Rural Electrification, Solar, Wind.

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