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Knowledge-based Management Model of Semi- Finished Product Flows in the Multicluster Tools (MCT) in Semiconductor Production


  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russian Federation


To ensure the flexibility of the mechanisms of dynamic behavior and autonomy in Multicluster Tools (MCT), as well as to adjust the individual components of the model for conducting a simulation, it would be most expedient to apply the method of their functioning on the basis of knowledge-based model. It is based on an ontological approach, in which one can work out modalities for the flow management of semi-finished products at a simulation modeling of the MCT, as well as to simulate control actions. The authors investigated the ontological approach at a simulation flow modeling of the semi-finished products in the MCT and suggested the method of using regulations in the logical inference process, as one of the types of processing of knowledge choice procedure. The urgency of the current research is caused by the necessity to increase the productivity of multicluster technological complex.


Knowledge-based Management Model, Multicluster Tools, Semiconductor Manufacturing.

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