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Research on the Performance of the Controlled Arc Suppression Reactors in Electric Distribution Networks 6–35 kV


  • National Research University, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation


The paper presents the experimental results of performance evaluation of two types of Arc Suppression Reactors (ASRs): traditional (plunger-type) and Magnetically Controlled (MC-type). The aperiodic component in reactor current is observed and its influence on reactors response speed is analyzed. It is shown that the delay in complete capacitive earth-fault current compensation is determined mostly by aperiodic component and not by forcing of magnetic excitation of MC-type ASRs. From this point of view ASRs of both type show similar performance and the criterion for their correct comparison is still has to be discovered.


Arc Suppression, Capacitive Current Compensation, Distribution Network, Petersen Coil, Single-Phase Earth Fault.

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