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The Role of the Russian Legal Mentality in Shaping Legal Policy in Present-Day Russian Society


  • Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), Law Institute, Russian Federation
  • Far Eastern Federal University, Law School, Russian Federation


Background/Objectives: Through the example of the Russian Federation, this article discusses issues in shaping effective legal policy. Methods: We used the methods of theoretical analysis, the method of comparison, and the method of simulation. Findings: Our proposals do not just reflect the Russian experience but could be of interest in all countries undergoing reform at the moment. We view legal policy as an integrated activity by the state aimed at reforming all the elements in the legal system. In the end, we come to the conclusion that the degree to which law-making is currently being enhanced is insufficient. Application/Improvements: There is a need for the state to actively develop other forms of legal policy, namely those related to nurturing, educational, and ideological activity. Besides, effective legal policy ought to be founded on what the mentality of a particular social community is like – otherwise, any progressive innovations in the legal area are just doomed to failure.


Legal Policy, Russian Legal, Russian Society.

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