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Securing Cloud Data in Transit using Data Masking Technique in Cloud Enabled Multi Tenant Software Service


  • Department of CSE, Karpagam University, Coimbatore - 641021, Tamil Nadu, India


Background/Objectives: The paper discusses about the data security issues in the cloud computing environment. It employs data masking to hide sensitive data from cloud services thereby ensuring reliability and trust in the cloud environment. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Data access in the cloud environment can be categorized into three such as at rest, at transit ,in use. The main aim of this paper is integrate security in data masking techniques. We employ the existing mechanisms to the cloud environment to secure the data with virtual machine masking and platform masking. Findings: The masked data is transmitted to the processing environment. The services in cloud utilize this masked data for processing. It is comparatively secured when compared to the conventional technique. This mechanism increases the trust worthiness and can be masked dynamically or statistically in application or database based service environments. Application/Improvements: The main application of this research is to serve people with secured cloud, thereby overcoming the data security issues.


Cloud Environment, Cloud Service Provider, Data Masking.

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