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Comparative Analysis of Pathology of Introduced and Indigenous Tree Species in Urban Plantings of Voronezh


  • Voronezh State University of Forestry and Technologies named after G.F. Morozov, Voronezh, Russian Federation


One of the problems of urban planting is the necessity for choosing between indigenous and introduced tree species. Under conditions of Voronezh, Russia, the ratio is 1:4 in favor of the former, though the many years’ experience shows that it is not substantiated from the perspective of vital capacity of trees in urban environment. The conducted research showed that the most popular introducents in the city (common horse chestnut, Lombardy poplar) are in better condition than the indigenous species (tillet, drooping birch, Norway maple). This difference is especially seen in linear, street, and riverside plantings.


Indigenous Tree Species, Introducents, Pathological Characteristics of Trees, Tree Pathologies, Urban Plantings.

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