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Fuzzy Logic Control of a Single Stage Boost Inverter for Grid Connected PV Systems


  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KL University, Vaddeswaram – 522502, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Jigjiga University, Jigjiga, Ethiopia


T Grid interconnection of PV system based on a single stage boost inverter is presented in this article. This boost inverter directly converters low voltage DC into high voltage AC without using boost converter and DC-AC converter known as two stage conversion. Normally grid interconnection of PV system requires two stage conversions, which is bulky, complicated and costly. The above mentioned disadvantages are eliminated by using the presented boost inverter because it is a single stage conversion. For achieving good response, the boost inverter is controlled by the Fuzzy Logic Controller. The effectiveness of the proposed system is validated by MATLAB/SIMULINK software and the appropriate results are presented.


Boost Inverter, Fuzzy Logic Controller, PV System, Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

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