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Nano Fluid in Water as Base Fluid in Flat-Plate Solar Collectors with an Emphasis on Heat Transfer


  • Department of Mechanics (Energy Conversion), Hormozgan University, Bandar Abbas, Iran, Islamic Republic of


Objectives: The objective of this paper is to review the heat transfer of Nano fluid in water as a base fluid in Flat-Plate Solar Collectors, and provide an optimal solution to improve the heat transfer. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This study used a sample of the heat exchanger consists of three small solar collectors which a copper tube passes from each of them, and there is a surface area the size of 1*0.15m2. The current cycle was analyzed using the amount of energy stored to transfer the heat. Findings: In constant Reynolds number, the convective heat transfer coefficient of Nano-fluids in the heat-absorbing pipes (with concentration 1000ppm) is slightly greater than that used the water as working fluid. Also in the concentration 10000ppm, this rate is doubled. Application: The findings concluded that the use of Nano-fluid in flatplate solar collector reduces the total heat loss coefficient of solar collector, and obtains the amount of more heat energy.


Heat Transfer, Nano Fluid in Water, Solar Collectors, Silver Nano Fluids.

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