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An Extensive Survey of Data Hiding Techniques


  • Computer Science and Engineering, Karpagam University, Coimbatore - 641021, Tamil Nadu, India


Background/Objectives: In the digital age because of the widespread use of internet, data hiding in digital imagery plays a vital role to ensure copyright protection and robustness from malicious attacks. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This research work explores an overview of the recently existing data hiding techniques used for the hidden exchange of secret information, from its earliest instances through potential future application. We enlighten different data hiding methods termed as watermarking, cryptography and steganography which have been proposed in last few years, some of them are flexible and simple for data hiding purpose. Findings: The potency of these techniques is based on certain features like robustness, imperceptibility and data embedding capacity which enables the users to evaluate the performance and efficiency of these techniques. Application/Improvements: It has great importance in the nearby future especially in the fields like intelligence agencies, military agencies, and cyber crime, so it will be more beneficial for researchers to develop innovative techniques.


Cryptography, Data Hiding, Steganography, Techniques, Watermarking.

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