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Strengthening the Practical Orientation of Studying the History of Southern Kazakhstan by the Means of Museum Pedagogy


  • H. A. Yasawi International Kazakh-Turkish University, Turkestan, Republic of Kazakhstan
  • International Humanitarian Technical University, Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan


Background/Objectives: The paper aims to determine the functions of museum pedagogy which is implemented through open-air museums in teaching ‘The History of Medieval Kazakhstan’. It also demonstrates the essence, significance and the ways of the effective use of open-air museums in history teaching. Methods: The authors analyzed the literature on museums and their cognitive potential, as well as scientific and methodological works related to the issue under consideration and carried out studying, collecting, processing, summarizing and analysis of the experiences in learning ‘The Medieval History of Kazakhstan’ that is being taught in higher education institutions. Findings: Based on the analysis of the principles of museum pedagogy and the cognitive and educational potential of open-air museums, the following conclusions were made: the implementation of the principles of museum pedagogy contributes to value comprehension of reality, involves students into an active learning process, since it enables to manipulate objects personally; it allows extracting the information inherent in them, drawing conclusions and making a their own choice, and enables to include universal human values in the inner spiritual world, reinforce the knowledge gained so that the knowledge becomes personal acquisition, it also enables the persons to get a holistic view of the world, stimulates their creativity and interest in the world around them. Cultural and aesthetic education with the help of museum resources is possible only on the basis of the knowledge and taking into account the peculiarities of human perception, strict adherence to the psychological and pedagogical principles developed by domestic and foreign experts. Application/Improvement: Introducing museum culture to children, development of aesthetic perception and artistic taste are the most important challenges facing teachers of educational institutions in our time.


Educational Function of Museums, Methods of Teaching ‘The Medieval History of Kazakhstan’, Museum Pedagogy, Open-Air Museum.

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