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Descriptive Study on Students’ Anxiety towards Statistics


  • Department of Teaching and Learning Innovations, The National University of Malaysia, Malaysia


Objectives: Statistics is widely used in various fields of study. However, understanding statistics has created problems among students.This study was conducted to examine anxiety towards statistics using descriptive study. Methods/ Statistical Analysis:182 students from postgraduate level were chosen randomly comprised of 39 males and 143 females. A set of questionnaire on anxiety towards statistics of 50 items was distributed to them. The collected data was analysed using SPSS version 22. Findings: The findings revealed that the students’ anxiety towards statistics was at a moderate level. In addition, the relationship between students’ anxiety towards statistics was significantly low and in a negative direction. Applications/Improvements: As a conclusion, statistics has to be mastered by students, particularly at the postgraduate level as a minimum requirement for them to use in research.


Anxiety, Descriptive Study, Graduates,Statistics, Students.

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