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Power Management Strategy for Hybrid Microgrid System under Islanded Condition using Adaptive Droop Control


  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KL University Greenfields, Vaddeswaram, Guntur District - 522502, Andhra Pradesh, India


Background/Objectives: PV array systems are thought of to be a higher possibility among all non-conventional energy sources in distribution system with the features of increasing potency, high responsibility and low maintenance. This paper proposes the concept of energy management for grid connected hybrid system under islanding condition. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: Power management Control strategy used in this paper enables photovoltaic/battery unit as a primary supply that employs an adaptive droop control to share the load with alternative sources such as charging the battery. Additionally, this control technique is intended to switch the PV in operation to match the load demand autonomously whenever the available PV power is beyond the load and also the battery is totally charged. In addition with islanding microgrid conditions, such as voltage and frequency regulation and also power deficit circumstances the battery also provide operational functions with a separate storage unit. Findings: In this paper PV/battery unit is controlled using adaptive droop control to work as voltage supply, in contrast to the control strategy used in photovoltaic system from the literature wherever the Solar units are controlled to work as current controlled sources. Generally, in this system first the hybrid unit delivers power to load and stores in battery if there is any excess power generation. And consequently, in the second case, it will track and supply the most PV power to the microgrid provided that there’s any deficit in load at microgrid. Applications/Improvements: The proposed control strategy is very useful for integration of hybrid power systems with the gird and to meet the upcoming future of the customers.


Adaptive Droop, Control Strategy, Energy Management, Micro-Grid, PV System, State of Charge.

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