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Megalithic Monument of Abuli, Georgia, and Possible Astronomical Significance


  • Ilia State University, Georgia


Background/Objectives: In recent years, in purpose of investigation of the artefacts, the ancient culture and religion, based on the astronomy knowledge play significant role. The aim of this work is to identify the orientations of the religious megalithic complexes and their correlation to the celestial luminaries. Methods/Statistical Analysis: We harmonized the archeological data, ethnographical, historical information and restoration of ancient celestial sphere (using special astronomy application), which give us possibility to identify the correlations between the acronychal or helical rising/ set of luminaries and directions of megalithic objects. Very often such connections are stored in a current folklore too. Findings: This technique of investigations give us more clear understanding of ancient universe. Using this method, we can receive latent information about the ancient Gods – Luminaries, clarify current mythology, date of the megalithic complex. Application/Improvements: This method of investigation is an additional instrument for archeological investigations, because it gives us more reliable information concerning the ancient culture, religion and people.


Astronomical Significance, Menhir, Megalithic Monuments, Sun Rise.

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