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A Revolutionary Approach to Cloud Computing, Security and its User Compliance


  • Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Humanities, SRM University, Kattankulathur - 603203, Tamil Nadu,, India
  • Department of Computer Science, University of Madras, Chepauk Campus, Chennai - 600005, Tamil Nadu,, India


Objective: This paper focus on the ways to initiate service providers to create safer clouds by simply securing cloud computing servers, inputting a security scanner before saving onto a cloud and finally before accessing a cloud, the use of a password or key to enter your cloud account. Methods: This paper is an extensive research in the cloud security through password might be advanced such as bio-metric scanners, finger-print scanners already used on most mobile devices and is found to be a safe way to store data on a device like a hard-drive. The major complexity of cloud computing is security privacy. Security compliances are like protection of data, and check the usage and applicability of cloud computing providers. Findings: The main theme of cloud computing has various courageous for the users and this facility providers regarding security. To counter these problems, such as lack of network, this disrupts a server linking onto a cloud computing server because of lack of network coverage etc. This can cause a cloud to lose all of its information and sadly its stored data as a cloud server might depict a system crashing, (which can cause all stored data to delete, if the cloud user has not saved its data onto the cloud server) the best way is if the service providers of a cloud and also its users work with each other to achieve ultimate security. The best thing for a user is to report issues regarding cloud to their service providers (cloud and also their internet providers). The solution for network availability is simply the creation and viability of web facility to cloud users. Improvements: Web users and data facility providers require to examine the way to control issues and apply various techniques to prevent loss of signal, such as improve their coverage in areas hard to reach and provide more concise network signal coverage in urban areas. In fact, a signal enhancer has been hard to reach areas such as rural areas. This requires an advanced algorithm from computer programmers.


Algorithms, Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, Cloud Security, Hacking

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