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Efficient Caching and Mobility Adaptive Popular Data Access in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


  • Department of CSE, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Thirunelveli - 627012, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of CSE, Jayaram College of Engineering and Technology, Trichy - 621014, Tamil Nadu, India


Background: Caching technique is widely used to cope up with the resource constraints and to improve the data accessibility in MANETs. The key constraints are reducing the data access time, overhead and energy cost. Methods: This work proposes a Popularity-driven Caching and Mobility adaptive query Searching (PCMS) to achieve the constraints. The PCMS consists of Cache Node selection, popularity and data size driven replacement (POP) algorithm and mobility adaptive searching for cache data. With the aim of reducing the access delay of popular data, the PCMS selects a node that is closer to the destination in a route to cache the frequently requested data item and serves the future requests. The PCMS takes into account the data popularity and size to decide caching and replacement policy and thus significantly improves the performance of caching. The mobility adaptive searching for cache data looks for an item in Query Directory (QD) nodes and redirects the request to the concerned caching node. It updates the cache information at QD by adhering to the mobility prediction scheme. Findings: The PCMS considers the data popularity and size as key factors to decide caching and replacement policy for the better utilization of cache memory. The PCMS has successfully reduced the network traffic and improves the Cache Hit Ratio by adhering the mobility prediction based update scheme. Applications/Improvements: The proposed system achieves appreciably better performance in simulation than the existing caching systems by utilizing minimum battery power, bandwidth and access delay.


Cache Replacement, Mobility Adaptive, Mobile Ad Hoc Network, Popularity Based.

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