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Real-Time Ambience Sensing and Image Authentication using Internet of Things (IOT) in a Fleet Tracking System


  • Department of ECE, SRM University, Kattankulathur - 603203, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Background/Objectives: To create a comprehensive fleet tracking system using Internet Of Things (IOT). A fleet tracking system generally provides information on the route that is being used by the vehicle. Other general information like source, destination and driver information can be fed into the system beforehand. Methods/Statistical Analysis: For Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications, it becomes necessary to provide several real-time data such as temperature, pressure and humidity to ensure that the transported perishable goods are in good condition. In this paper, the parameters are monitored using a Raspberry-pi and a Sense Hat. Findings: This paper also aims to provide a security feature that can identify authorised personnel who can get access to the transported goods, using Raspberry pi and a Raspberry pi Camera with night vision to provide the real-time information and security alerts using image processing technology. These data are then fed to a server to provide access to drivers, administrators, vendors and management teams for efficient handling of the services. Applications/Improvements: With the boom in online shopping sector and an increase in demand in the freight transportation services, a security feature that can identify authorised personnel can go a long way in improving security.


IoT, ITS, Raspberry pi, Sense Hat

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