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Analysis of Non-Isolated Bidirectional Active Clamped DC-DC Converter for PV and Battery Integrated Systems


  • Department of EEE, SRM University, Kattakulathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Background/Objective: A novel soft switching technique is implemented in a Bidirectional DC-DC converter by using an Active clamped Auxiliary switch and in turn it achieves continuous current of inductor and operates at constant frequency is used to turn ON and turn OFF the switches. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The Power electronics converter systems have DC bus voltages they are connected to batteries or supercapacitors. Bidirectional converters which are connected to battery, supercapacitor allows them to charge or discharge. A new soft switching Bi-directional direct current to direct current converter is presented in this paper. This converter is operated in zero voltage and zero current switching, continuous inductor current and constant frequency that frequency is used to turn ON and turn OFF the switches. The switching stresses are reduced in this proposed method by auxiliary switches compared to traditional methods. The simulation results are obtained by using MATLAB software in this paper. Findings: The proposed converter is implemented by using an Auxiliary switch with soft switching technique. The output is ripple free DC voltage of 63.5V. Improvements: The Bidirectional Converter will operate at continuous inductor current also with less ripples in output voltage.


Auxiliary Circuit, Continuous Inductor Current, DC-DC Converter, Power Electronics, Pulse Width Modulation, Soft-Switching.

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