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Performance Analysis of Static and Dynamic State Estimation Incorporating Synchro Phasor Measurements


  • EEE, K L University, Vaddeswaram, Guntur District – 520002, Andhra Pradesh, India


Objective: State estimation is used as a necessary tool for online monitoring, analysis and control of power systems. The main objective of this paper is to deal with static state estimation using the snap shot data and dynamic state estimation which accounts for the time varying behaviour of power system states in to consideration. Methods/Analysis: Effects of inclusion of PMU measurements along with the available metered data have been explored using the weighted least square state estimation technique in this paper. A comparative analysis of static state estimation with and without bad data has been carried out and the bad data has been identified and eliminated by using largest normalized residue test. Findings: To investigate the time varying nature of the system states linear state estimator with second order approximation and kalman filter techniques has been proposed in this paper. Case studies are conducted on IEEE 14 bus test system and the test results obtained from non linear, linear first order, second order and kalman filter techniques have been compared. Application/Improvements: Correction of state variables are obtained using linear state estimation with first order and second order approximation and kalman filter techniques has been compared to get the better state estimation algorithm.


Bad Data, Kalman Filter, PMU, State Estimation, Static, Dynamic, Weighted Least Squares.

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