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Regeneration of Necrotic ImmatureTeeth: Systemati Review


  • Cairo University, Egypt


Objectives: This study aims to review all the available strategies and treatment protocols used for regeneration of necrotic immature roots in the published reported clinical cases. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: The following electronic bibliographic databases; Pubmed, Scirus, Cochrane Library and Summon were searched, in addition to “hand searching” to identify other potentially relevant articles. A structured electronic search was carried out including; only terms related to the intervention. Relevant papers published in English were identified after reviewing their titles, abstracts then full reading of the papers. Findings: 32 papers were included according to the inclusion criteria. They were directly relevant to the subject; all of them are clinical studies following regenerative endodontic therapy to treat the necrotic immature teeth. Application/ Improvement: Different methodological steps are followed to regenerate the necrotic immature roots. Reviewing these variability and the different strategies followed was an important issue to reach evidence based guidelines and showed the clinical significance for application in the daily clinical practice.


Evidence-Based Medicine, Maturogenesis, Pulp Revitalization, Systematic Review, Young Permanent Teeth.

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