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An Application of Fuzzy Logic Controller Renewable Energy Storage System


  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KL University, Vaddeswaram - 522502 Andhra Pradesh, India


Background/Objectives: Embedded generation are futuristic energy system that penetrates in the conventional power system in a rapid manner. The wind energy system is which a typical non-conventional energy source faces the problem of stochastic nature which makes it not suitable to all energy applications. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The Electric vehicles are the novel energy transportations systems owing to their mobility and easy power transfer to the power drought areas. Findings: The stochastic control algorithm is used for scheduling of electric vehicles which effectively meets the gird requirements as well as meeting the energy requirements. The fuzzy logic controller is used in the energy storage system which is relatively advantageous compared to conventional PI controller. Application/Improvements: The control strategy is demonstrated from side to side model simulation swot up the results conform the significance of the control methodology incorporated in the paper.


Fuzzy Logic Controller, Renewable Energy, Vehicle to Gird, Wind Power.

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