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Astronomical Context of Georgian Folklore


  • Ilia state university, Georgia
  • University of Western Cape, South Africa


Objectives: The religious Ancient megalithic monuments are accordingly o/riente to the ancient Gods – The Sun, Moon, luminaries. The aim of this work to research the ethnographic data, current folklore and based on the results, harmonize the ancient Gods and the orientations of the religious megalithic complexes. Methods/Statistical Analysis: We harmonized the ethnographical, folklore and historical information and restoration of ancient celestial sphere (using special astronomy application) and identified the correlations between the some acronychal or helical rising/set of luminaries and orientations of megalithic objects. Such connections are stored in a folklore. Findings: This technique of investigations gives us more clear understanding of ancient universe. Using this method, we can receive additional information about the ancient Gods – Luminaries, clarify current mythology, date the megalithic complex. Application/Improvements: This method of investigation - Harmonization cultural astronomy and archae or astronomy with the archeological investigations will be more fruitful, because it gives us reliable information concerning the ancient culture, ancient religion and ancient people.


Ancient Astronomy, Ethnographic Data, Folklore, Megalithic Monuments.

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