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Methods and Techniques for Improving Processing Efficiency of Broadband Signals


  • Research and Development Center, Electronic Computing Information Systems, Zelenograd, Russian Federation
  • National Research University of Electronic Technology, Zelenograd, Russian Federation


Background/Objectives: The study analyzes methods and techniques for improving the effective speed of computing units to solve the problems of digital processing of broadband signals by introducing special vector instructions. Methods: Uniquely effective methods of digital matched filtering (MF) have been suggested for broadband signal processing: sub-aperture method and the coded moving total method. Findings: Performance evaluation of the matched filtering schemes and algorithms showed that, in a number of MF broadband signal problems, the coded moving total method proved to be 3-20 times more effective than the direct convolution method, and two times more effective than the fast convolution method based on fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithms; the method of sub-apertures proved to be 2-6 times more effective than the direct convolution method. Applications/Improvements: Two equipment instruction manuals for moving summation in EL-core IP-cores have been developed, improving their effective performance of filtration by several times. The algorithms are used in ORWELL-R (OJSC R&D Center ELVEES) modern security radar station.


Computing Units, Digital Signal Processing, Matched Filtering, Radio Detection and Ranging.

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