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Chinese and Korean Researchers on Diplomatic Mediation of China in the North Korea Nuclear Issue


  • School of Humanities, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russian Federation
  • Institute of Oriental Studies – School of Regional and International Studies, Far Eastern Federal University, Russian Federation


Background/Objectives: The study describes the role of China as a diplomatic mediator in the six-party talks. The objective is to show how China deals with North Korean dispute employing preventive diplomacy. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The study of Chinese mediation in solving North Korean nuclear issue called for applying various methods of political science. The method of systemic analysis helps analyzing the political situation on the Korean Peninsula, illustrated in the publications of foreign authors. The method of statistical analysis was used to systematize data and to comprehend Chinese diplomatic actions focused on maintaining peace on the Korean Peninsula. Findings: There is ever growing division of opinions on how to deal with North Korea's nuclear weapons program. The results of the study made it possible to identify the fact that China opposes the use of force and military means to resolve the conflict on the peninsula. The Chinese government reaffirms that sanctions and military means are not effective solutions, but only exacerbate the situation. The authors of the study believe that Chinese diplomats and the government support effective dialogue on the objectives of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and consider it an effective way to solve the nuclear issue, notwithstanding a series of nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches over recent years. Chinese experts believe that after the end of the Cold War, diplomatic mediation has become an important element in the international practice of conflict prevention and resolution. Application/Improvements: Chinese officials support peaceful diplomatic solutions. Improvements should be focused on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and a truce-to-peace mechanism should be pursued to resolve the concerns of all parties.


China’s Mediation, Nuclear Tests, Preventive Diplomacy of China, Six-Party Talks, South and North Korean Authors, The DPRK Nuclear Issue.

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