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Implementing All-Optical New Reversible Gate using SOA-MZI Architecture


  • PEC University of Technology, Sector 12, Chandigarh - 160012, Punjab, India


Reversible circuits have gained a lot of attention lately because of its remarkable property of dissipating lesser power as compared to irreversible circuits due to the fact that they do not lose information. Because of continuing revolution in VLSI technology transistor count and thus power dissipation has increased to such an extent that it has put a limit on packing density and performance of the circuits. To overcome these limits reversible logic has came into picture and various reversible logic gates such as Feynman gate, Fredkin gate, Toffoli gate, Peres gate etc has already been designed in optical domain. Semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) based mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) plays a promising role in this field of ultra fast all-optical information processing because of its advantages like high speed, low power, easy of fabrication and fast switching time. Thus various circuits designed by these basic gates has been analysed in terms of cost parameters and it was seen that optical cost and delay of digital circuits is more than desired, as a result performance of system is rendered. Thus new gates are designed by various researchers that focus on improving cost and thus performance of the system. Studying all these modified gates and the digital circuits implemented in literature, an idea of New All-optical universal reversible gate has been proposed which will further improve the performance of digital circuits. Applications of this gate include the design of full adder, half adder, multiplexer and various other combinational circuits and also 13 standard Boolean expressions can be implemented with improved cost. Simulation of this new gate is done using VPI Photonics software.


All-Optical Communication, Reversible Gates, Mach Zehnder Interferometer, Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers.

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