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Study on Event Data Recorder RTOS Platform connected to the Wireless LAN Providing Progressive Download Method


  • Department of Ubiquitous IT, Far East University, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: In these days, the car black box is to be fast in boot-up time with low power consumption from battery. The aim is to develop a product with minimum cost yet in support with Wi-Fi communication with fast boot-up time. Methods/Statistical Analysis: To bring down the cost, we use common Wi-Fi dongle and the low capacity SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface); NOR flash memory is adopted based on RTOS supporting HTTP streaming for the fast boot-up time and lesser power consumption. Using RTOS technology, we developed an MP4 encoder/decoder/muxer. Findings: Up to ten seconds of booting speed, minimum memory and the advantage of operating at lower power consumption was achieved than a general-purpose Linux; Utilizing Wi-Fi dongle provide smart phone streaming functionality and lower product price per unit. The developed black box is supporting full HD 30 fps and 2 channels. By field testing, it has 10% lower power consuming and faster boot-up time. The cost can be reduced by using common chips comparing with high specific products. Improvements: This MP4 component may further be enhanced for cost effective.


Black Box, Event Data Recorder, Progressive Download, RTOS, Wireless LAN.

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