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Perception of Nursing and Attitude Types of Students majoring in Nursing Studies


  • Department of Nursing Science, Pai Chai University, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: The nurses have the role conflicts by the attitude, role execution and others perceptions regardless of their own perception. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This study does not intervene the researcher's own perspective. It uses Q-methodology that allows for both quantitative and qualitative analysis of subjective characters that are perceived by subjects to identify the subjective meaning of nursing. In doing so, the study expects to promote better understanding of the concept of nursing and provide a basic set of data to conduct quality nursing. Findings: The result led to four category types. Each Q-type formed a category with people who shared a similar awareness or perception and idea of euthanasia. Each category type reflects the subjectivity of the students on the topic of euthanasia, allowing for the description and understanding of the types. Applications/Improvements: This study suggests that more various approaches to nursing education and clinical practice must be offered that are in accordance with the meaning of nursing as perceived by nursing students.


Majoring, Nursing Student, Perception, Q Methodology, Subjectivity.

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