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Study on Subjectivity of Adaptive Department of Nursing Student


  • Department of Nursing Science, Pai Chai University, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: Depending on beliefs and internal resources, some students can overcome the difficulties they face, and perform what they should do well, while others suffer from emotional problems in school life. Methods/Statistical Analysis: In this research, using Q methodology, intends to examine the characteristics of subjectivity about department satisfaction types among students in nursing department, and suggest basic resources to enhance department satisfaction among them. The survey was conducted to the P sample of 48 students of the nursing department in a collage located in Daejeon metropolitan city from June 16 to 29. Findings: The types of department satisfaction among students of the nursing department were as follows: Type 1 - satisfaction with the popular department; Type 2 is satisfaction with department trust; Type 3 is satisfaction with department professors; Type 4 is satisfaction with education contents. Applications/ Improvements: Based on such findings, this research suggests that systematic and differentiated moderating methods should be prepared for each type of students in the nursing department.


Adaptive, Department, Nursing Student, Q Methodology, Subjectivity.

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