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Actresses’ Beauty Image in Cleopatra Films


  • Department of Cosmetology, Joongbu University, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: Seeking a research in Role of Cleopatra VII, Definition of Film and Egyptian Make up in Cleopatra Period. Methods/Statistical analysis: Films of Cleopatra-related. Analysis of Actress in Cleopatra-related films. Analysis of Beauty image and makeup. Findings: Many Cleopatra-related films presented from 1899 to 2007 produced in the various genres, it will be produced continually in the future. The representative actress at that time took the role of Cleopatra, becomes the results of the study. Especially, in terms of beauty image, it is found that films with various image have been produced through the trend at the time, historical research and scenarios. Hopefully, films on Cleopatra with the new image or makeup techniques will continue to influence the future audiences too. Application/Improvements: Beauty image and makeup techniques.


Actress, Beauty Image, Cleopatra, Film, Makeup.

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