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Improvement in Stability of HVDC System by Optimizing PI Control Parameters in PSCAD


  • National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan


Background/Objectives: The stability of High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) system is improved by optimization of system's control parameters. The simulation model of HVDC network is designed in Power Systems Computer Aided Design (PSCAD) and the Proportional Integral (PI) parameters optimization are achieved by using simplex algorithm. Simulation based evaluation of Integral Time Absolute Error-Objective function (ITAE-OF) is implemented in this paper. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Simulation calculation results are iterated to determine the new values of objective function. The model of three parallel HVDC lines connecting Power system of Central-East China is used as a test network. PI control parameters of San-Chang ±500KV HVDC system line are optimized. Findings: Optimized results have been achieved by evaluating ITAE-OF using transient simulation and converged via Simplex algorithm in PSCAD. The performance of system in steady state behavior as well as in fault condition is improved through optimized control parameters as compared to the initial control parameters, which are presented by plotting graphs. Application/Improvements: The derived equation can be further optimized using the hybrid system.


HVDC, Optimization, Objective Function, PI Controller, Simplex Algorithm.

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