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Verilog Implementation of Collision Avoidance System based on FlexRay Protocol


  • Department of Electronics and Communication, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kollam - 690525, Kerala, India


Background/Objective: The objective of this paper is to provide an insight into the FlexRay protocol, as well as build a simple collision avoidance system based on it. FlexRay is a next generation intra-vehicular communication protocol that provides fault-tolerant, flexible, high data rate and deterministic communication between the different electronic units in an automobile, mainly used for advanced automobile control and safety-critical applications. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Here, a simple collision avoidance system for an automobile is built using Verilog HDL, where data is transmitted according to the FlexRay protocol. Separate Verilog modules are designed for an ultrasonic sensor and a motor. Data is transmitted in the FlexRay frame format. Simulation of results are tested in ModelSim tool. Findings: It is observed that under the FlexRay protocol, data is transmitted at a much greater speed. Also, there are better fault tolerance and better error detection mechanisms, all of which are quintessential for a safety-critical application like collision avoidance. It also ensures safe communication between the devices inside an automobile. Applications/Improvements: More advanced automotive applications like automatic steering, temperature regulation, etc., can be implemented in a similar manner based on the protocol. The protocol is mainly used for safety-critical applications owing to its huge cost of implementation.


Cyclic Redundancy Check, FlexRay, Frame Format, Generator Polynomial, Intra-Vehicular Communication.

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