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Optimization of Query Processing Time using Taguchi Method for RFID Data Management


  • Faculty of Computing, Sathyabama University, Chennai - 600119, Tamil Nadu, India


Background: RFID technology is being adopted by a number of applications including supply chain management. Due to the adoption of RFID technology challenging problems have appeared. The RFID database system handles huge amounts of path oriented, time dependent data. Methods: This paper focuses on minimizing the query processing time by using Taguchi optimization method. Simulations show how the factors considered impact RFID data processing efficiency. Findings: So the effectiveness of the system depends on the factors such as the number of tags accessed at a time, the data preprocessing techniques adopted, and selection of suitable indexing techniques and so on. However, few of the techniques adopted by existing methods focus on the efficiency of RFID data processing. Applications/Improvements: Taguchi method is applied to predict the best design combinations that achieve minimum query processing time.


Data Compression, Data Indexing, RFID, Taguchi Method.

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