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Formation of the System of International Legal Regulation of Telecommunications: Correlation of Legal Regulation at the Universal and Regional Levels


  • St. Petersburg State University, Russian Federation


Background/Objectives: The research is aimed at determining the system of international legal regulation of telecommunications formed at this stage of the information society development based on the patterns existing at the universal and regional levels. Methods: A complex of general scientific and philosophical methods, including the logical, comparative-legal, formal-legal, systemic-structural, problematic-theoretical methods, as well as methods of analysis and synthesis, generalization and description, comparison were used in the research. Findings: As a result of the research, two telecommunications regulation systems were found to be established at the universal level: the International Telecommunication Union deals with the technical issues, the World Trade Organization deals with the issues of the telecommunication services market. These systems do not interact sufficiently. At the regional level, telecommunications regulation is basically connected with the activity of integration associations and the experience of the European Union serves as an example of the legal regulation. Application/Improvements: The findings can be used in activities of international organizations in execution of their functions of unification and harmonization of the international telecommunication law and by national operators in the process of entering international and foreign markets.


International Legal Regulation, Legal Regulation System, Regional Level, Telecommunications, Universal Level.

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